Consulting / Inspections / Appraisals

The Last Detail has been Trusted Advisors for over 30 years and our clients regularly ask for assistance. There is a tremendous amount of information to know and understand in order to keep pace with the collector car market. Our knowledge of that marketplace in addition to our technical experience can be of invaluable help.

Deciding on a maintenance plan? Rotating a vehicle out of your inventory? Trying to get an appraisal on that perfect new addition or an entire estate collection? We can help simplify the process.

If considering a car you've found on your own, please take advantage of The Last Detail's expertise before you buy. We'll evaluate the car, estimate its worth and point out concerns to help you negotiate a fair price. We can also estimate upgrades, repairs and appropriate restorations.

Looking to consign, sell or trade your car? By conducting a thorough TLD evaluation, we will help you establish a value for your  vehicle based on condition,current market trends and and other criteria. Call one of our consultants at 847-689-8822 or 847-920-5438 to schedule an appointment.